Lindsey Stirling electrifies her Filipino audience with her unique music style and choreography. | Photo by Andressa Niña V. Flores

By: Andressa Niña V. Flores

If there’s a word that would perfectly describe hip-hop violinist Lindsey Stirling, it would be “unstoppable”.

No harsh and discouraging comments stopped her from pursuing her passion. No TV-based talent search stopped her from rocketing to fame. And, no tropical storm stopped her from blowing her Filipino fans away with the electrifying tunes she is known to play with her violin.

In her two-night show engagement in Manila at the Ayala malls – one on August 17 at the Greenbelt 3 Park and another at the Alabang Town Center Commerce Mall on August 18 – the 26-year-old American violinist duelled the gloomy weather with her powerful set list, which includes original compositions like “Electric Daisy Violin”, “Transcendance”, “Shadows”, and “Crystallize” – all a perfect fusion of classical, dubstep, and pop beats.

She also performed her rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”, a mash-up of songs from the Phantom of the Opera, and some covers of videogame music like the theme of The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim – much to the pleasure of her gamer fans.

Even while rocking out with her violin, no dance move seemed too impossible or too difficult for her either. She took the audience’s breaths away with a sway of the hips here, a backbend there, and a whimsical pirouette to put an icing on the cake.

Back in 2010, Stirling joined the fifth season of America’s Got Talent, but got cut in the quarter finals. She then started uploading music covers in her Youtube channel, where she gained a solid fan base. Her single “Crystallize” became Youtube’s eighth most-viewed video in 2012, and currently has over 69 thousand views.

With her unique music style and choreography, Lindsey Stirling continues to redefine classical and pop music today, defying all odds and transcending dreams with her electric daisy violin.

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**All photos by Andressa Niña V. Flores for Streamline News
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