A must try, Una Pizzeria's lasagna bolognese | Photo by Ma. Joan Paula Dino
By Ma. Joan Paula Dino

In the city of Sorsogon, one restaurant rose to defy the average and typical food scene of fast food and street food.

Founded by John Anthony Estipona in 2010, Una Pizzeria has gained popularity, in what it claims in a “discriminating market”. Along with its sister restaurant Café Rosita, established in 2008 and located in Gubat, the two are said to be the only restaurants that bring a full Italian food experience in Sorsogon. 

And that is undeniable. 

Photo by Erika Dino for Streamline News
For a restaurant in a small town, Una packs a lot in both taste and ambiance. They offer a wide range of Italian food that one cannot simply say no to. From their homemade pizza to their mouth-watering pasta, everything was served fresh from the kitchen and tasted heavenly.

Then there is the restaurant itself. The house converted into a restaurant is one of the finest you’ll see in the city. The play of warm lights and wooden furniture and the homey atmosphere give Una a rustic ambiance. Adding to that is the scent of herbs greeting as you enter, making Una a feast for all the five senses. 

However, they don’t stop at quality food and ambiance. Una also prides itself for its wonderful service. “We treat our guest as a part of our family,” Estipona said in a Facebook interview, 
“they are the reason why we exist [so] we give them top service.”

With that, Estipona has truly given another gem in the city of Sorsogon where the food is worth bragging. So next time when you find yourself in the land of Kasanggayahan, drop by Una Pizzeria and consider your stay in Sorsogon made. 

Una Pizzeria is located 3257 Pareja Street, Brgy. Bitan-o, Sorsogon City

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