PicturePhotos by Anne Kathleen S. Vicho
By Anne Kathleen S. Vicho

‘To learn all there is to learn’.

Trust me, by the end of the exhibit, you would have that overwhelming feeling to become like ‘The Genius’,  you would have that certain itch to reach out for your favorite notepad and start jotting down your future plans and how awesome you will become in the next 10 years. You would want to start building and doing extraordinary things, discovering new wonders, and perhaps start writing backwards.

Maybe, most of us wanted to become a Leonardo Da Vinci – The Genius.

Pick Up Your Mat and Walk’ is a collection of wooden makeshift crutches and letters collected by Jason Dy from masses | Photo by Anne Kathleen S. Vicho
By Anne Kathleen S. Vicho

Let us reverse the question, what remains after we die?

The after death has been a topic of contemplation for as long as humanity itself. Different beliefs and religions point out to different destinations: heaven for the pure of heart, purgatory for the sinners, and the underworld for the hopeless.

What is left after the departed’s journey on to their final destination is the theme of the art exhibit, Testimony of What Remains by the Jesuit priest, Jason Dy, SJ that follows his series of projects centered on bottled memorabilia, envelopes of prayer requests and actual remains of cemetery markers and statuettes.

The short spiritual journey inside the exhibit room begins with the presentation of artworks, In Loving Memory Of and Pick Up Your Mat and Walk.

An artsy gate welcomes crafters and shoppers into the 10A Alabama art fair|Photo by Andressa Niña Flores
By Ma. Joan Paula Dino

Somewhere in the busy highway of E. Rodriquez Senior Avenue, down the quiet road of Alabama street lies 10a Alabama, an old ancestral house with a peculiar-looking gate.

The house-turned-gallery showcases vintage furniture pieces from Resurrection Furniture. Displayed like ordinary pieces of furniture around a home, these, with their unique designs, are without a doubt the apple of the eye of each of the viewers. Yet the most interesting about this place is that the Arts and Crafts Fair is held twice to thrice a year.

Started in May 2011 by Resurrection Furniture's Arlene Barbaza and Leah Sanchez, the weekend fair gathers local artists and crafters, art lovers, and handmade enthusiasts from in and out the Metro.


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