Milk Tea comes in variety of flavors that would suit everyone's tastes.| Photo courtesy of Ourawesomeplanet.com
By Anne Kathleen Vicho

The hype about posh and classy coffee shops, like Starbucks and UCC, is long gone. The milk tea craze has taken over and captivated the hearts of the youth, the working class and even the oldies. As a milk tea addict myself, I’ve decided to give you some of the best milk tea places in town you shouldn’t dare miss!

PictureA World of Food | Photo Collage by: Andressa NiƱa V. Flores
By: Andressa Niña V. Flores

Sometimes, it’s not a question of where you’ve been, but rather what you’ve tasted.

A travel experience will remain dull, until one has sampled the best and most exotic local dishes of the country he visited.

I love feeling the authenticity of local food from the tips to the bases of my taste buds. Walking into different pubs, bars, and restaurants - wondering what I’d get and how I’d find it - gives me a sense of joy and surprise. And most of all, I think it's amazing how different one country’s cuisine is from another’s – different and yet delectable in their own unique way.

Indeed, food is identity.

A must try, Una Pizzeria's lasagna bolognese | Photo by Ma. Joan Paula Dino
By Ma. Joan Paula Dino

In the city of Sorsogon, one restaurant rose to defy the average and typical food scene of fast food and street food.

Founded by John Anthony Estipona in 2010, Una Pizzeria has gained popularity, in what it claims in a “discriminating market”. Along with its sister restaurant Café Rosita, established in 2008 and located in Gubat, the two are said to be the only restaurants that bring a full Italian food experience in Sorsogon. 

And that is undeniable. 


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