PicturePhotos by Anne Kathleen S. Vicho
By Anne Kathleen S. Vicho

‘To learn all there is to learn’.

Trust me, by the end of the exhibit, you would have that overwhelming feeling to become like ‘The Genius’,  you would have that certain itch to reach out for your favorite notepad and start jotting down your future plans and how awesome you will become in the next 10 years. You would want to start building and doing extraordinary things, discovering new wonders, and perhaps start writing backwards.

Maybe, most of us wanted to become a Leonardo Da Vinci – The Genius.

We have heard so much about this man – an inventor, an artist, a scientist, an engineer, a sculptor, an anatomist, a biologist, a musician, an architect, a philosopher – a genius. Now, the biggest and grandest exhibition in honor of him, ‘Da Vinci The Genius ‘ , is here in the country for a three-month long stay in The Mind Museum in Taguig City. 

Da Vinci was considered the first modern mind. He never learned how to read Greek and Roman; he was never influenced by the mindset of others. He based his knowledge through observing the nature and flow of the world. Through these observations he came up with ideas that will be later on be considered as the basis of things like bicycle, parachute, helicopter, and car which are very essential to our lives right now.

Inside the exhibit area, you will be bombarded with mechanisms and life-sized models of Da Vinci’s works made by Italian artisans strictly based  on Da Vinci’s codices or manuscripts. The inventions and works were divided into categories such as: Flight, Physics, Civil, Anatomical, Renaissance Art, Military, Music and Optical, and Hydraulic and Aquatic.
Da Vinci has always been fascinated with the wonders of flight. He first conceptualized ideas hundreds of years before the first parachute, glider, and helicopter were invented which could have worked and made the life of the people during his time more efficient if he was able to materialized these ideas. 

He also contributed to the world of Physics with his inventions regarding ball bearings and in Hydraulic and Aquatic with the invention of scuba diving equipment, lifebuoy, paddle boat, and submarine. 

Although a pacifist, Da Vinci also created weapons for war such as the mowing wagon, the catapult, and the three-registered gun machine. Other inventions that can be seen in the exhibit include bicycle, self-propelled car, pole erecting machine, crane on cart and many more all of which based on Da Vinci’s manuscripts. Copies of these codices can also be found in the exhibition.
As a naturally artistic and observant person, Da Vinci also created a number of masterpieces, the most famous of them being the Mona Lisa. A special documentary can be viewed by the visitors entitled ‘The Secrets of Mona Lisa’ discussing a brief history about the painting, the techniques and the mystery of the masterpiece.

Another film viewing accessible by the guest is a 50-minute documentary of Da Vinci’s life, focusing on his endeavors as an artist in the Renaissance period Milan. 

Da Vinci The Genius is based in Australia and has been touring all around the world for more than a decade now, the Philippines, being the 16th country they’ve stopped over to show the fundamental scientific and artistic principles Da Vinci has contributed to the world.

Da Vinci The Genius by Grande Exhibitions, is the most extensive collection of Da Vinci’s works that are being exhibited today. The exhibit in The Mind Museum will run until November 30, 2013. Ticket is available for 250 pesos for adult and 200 for children (up to college level).

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