Milk Tea comes in variety of flavors that would suit everyone's tastes.| Photo courtesy of Ourawesomeplanet.com
By Anne Kathleen Vicho

The hype about posh and classy coffee shops, like Starbucks and UCC, is long gone. The milk tea craze has taken over and captivated the hearts of the youth, the working class and even the oldies. As a milk tea addict myself, I’ve decided to give you some of the best milk tea places in town you shouldn’t dare miss!
1. Moonleaf

What to order: Wintermelon Milk Tea

Personal favorite: Peppermint Milk Tea with Egg Pudding

Are you a little short on budget but you just couldn’t help yourself crave for few sips of your new favorite beverage? Then try Moonleaf. Moonleaf branches are scattered all around the metro specifically near universities making it one of the best place to review while sipping (and munching on your add-ons) your favorite milk tea flavor. With friendly staff, cheerful yet peaceful atmosphere and ridiculously good milk teas, you just have to return to this place as often as your budget will allow you to.

2. Chatime

What to order: Roasted Milk Tea

Personal favorite: Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea

Do you need a place to hang out with your college best friend whom you haven’t seen for a while? Chatime does not only offers good tasting milk tea beverages but also allows its customers to enjoy a good chitchat with their posh and stylish stores. Chatime’s menu does not stop with the milk tea section; they also offer fruit tea, smoothies, mousse drinks and a lot more.

3. Dakasi

What to order: Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea

Personal favorite: Chocolate Pudding Cereal Drink

The newest addition to the growing milk tea family in the country! Dakasi offers a variety of exquisitely thought of menus that will suit everybody’s taste buds. There are times when you have to be careful entering a milk tea shop because there are some flavor you might need to skip but Dakasi’s wide range of beverages are there not just to make it long but because all of it taste good and appeal to the general taste of the public.

4. Gong Cha

What to order: House Special Milk Earl Grey Tea

Personal favorite: House Special Milk Earl Grey Tea

What is really fascinating about this shop is that you know that your tea is freshly brewed and your milk cream just tastes so heavenly making you want to order just the milk cream and skip the tea only to remember that you’re on a diet. The taste and ambiance is more suitable to the working people although students can always come if they want a variety different from all the aforementioned milk tea selection.

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