The prototype of the curved smartphone to be introduced by Samsung in October.| Photo courtesy of The Verge
By Charry Fatima D. Garcia

Samsung, the world’s leading smartphone producer, has planned to introduce in October its new line of phones, having a new design that will change the face of the gadget for the next years.

The South-Korea-based electronics firm has reached a long way- from a phablet(phone and tablet), to a phone with built-in projector, until a 2-in-1 camera phone – and decided to venture on a new way to present its smartphones, working out the straight lines, giving them a curved body.

“We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October,” said Samsung’s Strategic Marketing Head D.J. Lee in the event launching of the Galaxy Note 3 on Wednesday.

Curved display screens have been a trend since Samsung’s rival LG Electronics had released a curved OLED Television set early this year.

However, the company has yet to figure out how to produce these newly designed smartphones at a cheaper price to open the market to a larger number of people. 

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