Saab Magalona of Spell Saab kicks the start of the BlogCon: Reinvent your Theme.| Photo by Erika Dino for Streamline News
By Ma. Joan Paula Dino

Bloggers and blog enthusiasts from different schools all over the metro gathered together last September 21 at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium of the University of Santo Tomas for the BlogCon: Reinvent your Theme.

The conference, organized by TomasinoWeb, the official online student publication of the University, aimed to help and inspire bloggers through renowned people in the different genres of blogging.

Kicking the event was Isabella “Saab” Magalona, a famous actress and blogger of Spell Saab.

"You have to think of your mission whenever you blog," Magalona told the audience in her keynote address about “Finding Your Purpose to Blog”. 

Joan Dino, TomasinoWeb’s Blogs Editor, was next for her talk on campus blogging and some basic tips in blog styling.

Following her was Blooey Singson, the face behind the blog Bookmarked! and administrator of the book club, Flips Flipping Pages. Singson shared her book OCs and gave tips to her fellow bookworms on how she writes book reviews.

The morning session ended with Ace Libre, singer and pianist of Never the Strangers who gave the audience a lot more than what they expected for his music review talk with a never-ending jokes and a more in depth presentation about blogging in general.

Tiara Aracama, founder and executive director of 31 Girl, a Christian blog that aims to assure and comfort girls that they are not alone in their worries, started the afternoon session of BlogCon.

“Inspirational blogs help people go through their problems,” Aracama said, who also made her presentation as an inspiration for the audience to aspire for the better in life.

Next was Mark Ho, famous for the character Bogart the Explorer and his hilarious videos on Youtube. Ho, in his Australian accent and Steve Irwin cosplay, told the students that travel blogging is not always fun yet encouraged the audience to enjoy themselves in the moment and be committed on their job.

Talking about culture and arts blogging was Nok Sosa, owner and blogger of Siningfactory.com. Sosa explained that he uses his blog to influence and reminded his readers about their roots and heritage.

“Isang post lang, naging instant teacher ka na,” Sosa said, who stressed that blogging is not all about the money.

Capping the conference was 21-year-old fashion photographer Bjorn Bedayo, who treated the audience with his jaw dropping photography skills, tips on being successful at such a young age, and some photoshop tricks.

Participants were also given the chance to share their experiences in the blogging world. 
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