An artsy gate welcomes crafters and shoppers into the 10A Alabama art fair|Photo by Andressa NiƱa Flores
By Ma. Joan Paula Dino

Somewhere in the busy highway of E. Rodriquez Senior Avenue, down the quiet road of Alabama street lies 10a Alabama, an old ancestral house with a peculiar-looking gate.

The house-turned-gallery showcases vintage furniture pieces from Resurrection Furniture. Displayed like ordinary pieces of furniture around a home, these, with their unique designs, are without a doubt the apple of the eye of each of the viewers. Yet the most interesting about this place is that the Arts and Crafts Fair is held twice to thrice a year.

Started in May 2011 by Resurrection Furniture's Arlene Barbaza and Leah Sanchez, the weekend fair gathers local artists and crafters, art lovers, and handmade enthusiasts from in and out the Metro.

From paper goods to plushies to accessories to a lot more things you won’t expect to be handmade, this arts and crafts heaven is the perfect place to sell handmade goods, buy gifts for yourself and your family, or just chat with people visiting the place.

Aside from the goods, the setting also gives that “not your usual bazaar” feel. With the crafters and artists “booths” scattered around the house’s garage, living room and porch, and their products displayed on Resurrection Furniture pieces, 10a Alabama brings the extra difference and informality to fairs that art usually does. 

It’s also not just about the trade aspect. Pop Pins’ Ella Lama say that 10a Alabama’s Arts and Crafts Fair is like a community. Artists, crafters, and enthusiasts enjoy the company of each other by catching up with old friends, talking to strangers and making new friends, and sharing the love for the handmade community.  

As most of the handmade stores in the fair sell their products in Facebook or Instagram, Ella further says that the 10a Alabama crowd gives a different feeling than from selling online. 
“Yung mga tao dito kasi mahilig talaga sa mga gawang kamay so sure kami na mapupunta sila sa mga taong nakaka appreciate ng product,” she added. 

10a Alabama is surely a fun place to visit. The next fair will probably be held on November but it’s not an excuse not to visit the house on an ordinary day and admire the Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery.

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