The Samsing Galaxy S3 (left) and the Apple iPhone 5 (left) in their unending rivalry for the world smartphone stage.| Photo courtesy of iClarified.com
By Charry Fatima Garcia

Achilles and Hector couldn’t get enough of their fight. Now, they have decided to put their feud on a different level, taking the names of the world’s two biggest smartphone makers – Samsung and Apple – fighting over their products’ own identities, having conquered digital world news in the past years. 

The feud between these two smartphone giants started in 2011, when Apple sued its rival for infringement on intellectual property. The company behind the Galaxy series allegedly copied the user interface and style of Apple’s iPhone 3GS. Samsung denied the accusation and counter-sued Apple, saying that the latter had submitted misleading pieces of evidence to the court.

And the rest is history. Their court wars thus, start. But, with the onset of smartphones and tablets produced by these two companies, some having almost the same features, which is really the better one?

Apple for the rich

  Many people have been saying that the iPhone only caters to the rich. Because of its price (nearly ₱45,000), the iPhone 5S, their latest model, has reopened its market to people who have a monthly income of ₱40,000. But, to folks who belong to the middle class, “never say die” as a cheaper version of the iPhone is underway, the iPhone 5C. Many people have awaited the coming of the 5C, but it is not as cheap as everyone had expected. Many are disappointed because what they thought is affordable, is actually not. The iPhone 5C costs around ₱28,000, that’s nearly the price of Samsung’s latest addition to its Galaxy series, Galaxy S4. So, if you’re thinking about getting an iPhone this Christmas, start wishing to get a lot of aguinaldo from your ninongs and ninangs as the price gets a little tough!

Samsung: the all-in-one

Samsung carries an operating system (OS) called the Android, which was unveiled in 2007. With almost four years of experience, the Android OS has achieved a lot of milestones in the world of smartphones and tablets. Like any other smartphone operating system, Android allows multi-tasking, installation of apps and global positioning system. But, it also allows file-sharing via Bluetooth, which is not enabled in the iOS (Apple operating system). Android OS also lets the user transfer files and media, in the form of photos, videos and movies from the computer. One big advantage that Samsung users see is the large size of the smartphone screen. With its large screen, watching a movie has never been so compact and portable, you can watch it at the palm of your hands. Because Samsung has started releasing phablets (phone and tablet in one), people have dubbed these smartphones from South Korea as the “all-in-one” gadget.

Although there is a drastic increase of smartphone production among companies, these two smartphone giants will never get tired of proving the world that they are better than the other. People will never get tired of switching from an iPhone to a Galaxy S4 or from a Galaxy Tab to an iPad, as the world offers them a lot more choices and a lot more experience.

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