PicturePhoto from abovethecrowd.com
By Andressa Niña V. Flores

Living a healthy lifestyle might just be as easy as ABC! Let Streamline News show you why.

Everything you need to brighten up your face is found in the kitchen.| Photo by Joan Dino
By Maria Joan Paula Dino

Breakouts, open pores, or wrinkles. Your face is slowly turning to who knows what. Yeah there are hundreds of products you can find behind the counter but wait, hold your wallets! You don’t need to buy that tiny expensive chemical-filled magic potion to save your skin. Just head over to your kitchen or to your local grocery store and be amaze with what the simplest ingredient can do to you.

So just tuck that extra cash of yours, and go natural with these easy to follow steps.

Milk Tea comes in variety of flavors that would suit everyone's tastes.| Photo courtesy of Ourawesomeplanet.com
By Anne Kathleen Vicho

The hype about posh and classy coffee shops, like Starbucks and UCC, is long gone. The milk tea craze has taken over and captivated the hearts of the youth, the working class and even the oldies. As a milk tea addict myself, I’ve decided to give you some of the best milk tea places in town you shouldn’t dare miss!

PictureA World of Food | Photo Collage by: Andressa Niña V. Flores
By: Andressa Niña V. Flores

Sometimes, it’s not a question of where you’ve been, but rather what you’ve tasted.

A travel experience will remain dull, until one has sampled the best and most exotic local dishes of the country he visited.

I love feeling the authenticity of local food from the tips to the bases of my taste buds. Walking into different pubs, bars, and restaurants - wondering what I’d get and how I’d find it - gives me a sense of joy and surprise. And most of all, I think it's amazing how different one country’s cuisine is from another’s – different and yet delectable in their own unique way.

Indeed, food is identity.

PictureOne of Fujifilm's Instax cameras, the Mini 8.| Photo by Charry Garcia
By Charry Fatima D. Garcia

Shoot and see your smiles instantly!

Digital cameras - point-and-shoot cameras, DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras, and smartphones – have been “in” for decades now, when consumers prefer storing their images the digital way. And since these devices started producing digital photos, films and photo-printing shops have been taken off the scene. But, the “dark ages” of films have been revived by one of the most influential camera companies, Fujifilm.

The Japanese company had once again taken on the world scene when it launched its Instax camera series – cameras that print pictures instantly. The Instax photo system was patterned after the Polaroid instant camera system.

The "welcoming sign" outside the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.| Photo by Charry Garcia
By Charry Fatima D. Garcia

Deuce Bigalow’s been to places, but one of the most remarkable he visited is that city covered with red lights at night – Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, the capital city of The Netherlands, is not covered in red on daylight after bloodshed, but at night because the Red Light District had opened its lights and is now ready for business.

It was after we rested from the long flight that we headed straight out and our cousins introduced us to the city they grew up in. It was a cold afternoon and it was raining snowflakes, so we slipped into coats and boots on ready to explore the “red” city.

PicturePhotos by Anne Kathleen S. Vicho
By Anne Kathleen S. Vicho

‘To learn all there is to learn’.

Trust me, by the end of the exhibit, you would have that overwhelming feeling to become like ‘The Genius’,  you would have that certain itch to reach out for your favorite notepad and start jotting down your future plans and how awesome you will become in the next 10 years. You would want to start building and doing extraordinary things, discovering new wonders, and perhaps start writing backwards.

Maybe, most of us wanted to become a Leonardo Da Vinci – The Genius.

The Philippine Archipelago has a beauty bursting with colors and adventures. Some of these beautiful spots have been internationally acclaimed and have been visited by thousands of tourists over the time. These places are just waiting to be discovered by Pinoys, who are hungry for adventure.
A panoramic view of the Anawagin Cove.| Photo courtesy of Romanleoreyman.com
Anawagin Cove, San Antonio, Zambales
by Anne Kathleen Vicho

Probably the best cure for the stress brought by city life would be to go somewhere peaceful; away from the problems about budget, politics, and traffic.  I suggest you try Anawangin Cove. Anawangin is known for its white sand shore lined up with beautiful pine trees instead of the usual coconut trees. The fine white sand was mixed with ashes from the last Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Turn your eyes left and right and you will see picturesque rock mountains that made the place looked ethereal and absolutely perfect. With the clear blue sky, oceanic pristine water, white sand shoreline and the rock formations, you wouldn’t believe that this place is so near from manila and so accessible to many. 

In the small town of San Antonio in Zambales lies barangay Pundaquit, a small barangay wherein the main livelihood is fishing and bringing tourists in the cove in 45-minute boat rides. Deeper into the cove, a small lake-like body of water that is connected by the water from where the ocean is located. The fallen branches and needles of the pine trees rest in the base of the water formation and can be seen only because of its clear waist-deep water level.

PicturePhoto by Maria Velli Badillo
By Maria Velli Badillo

As soon as you enter Rizal Park, it is quite astonishing to see how spacious it is. The plants are luscious green and well-trimmed, music can be heard from a bench you choose to sit in and different colorful horse-carriages, locally know as kalesas, can be seen parading around the park. It is definitely a place that could offer silence and excitement for tourists or Filipinos alike.

A couple of years ago, I never found the time to fully explore Manila. It felt too laborious and I settled to a plain mall visit. A few months ago, when I was working, I came go to the office very early and had nothing to do. I remembered that Luneta (commonly called by the locals) was nearby and curiously strolled to it. The park was enveloped by sunlight and joggers were zooming through the place. I heard the music embracing the place and saw a line of empty benches; I bought a cup of cheap coffee from a nearby vendor and listened to Manila wake up.  I had a full hour left and decided to see the stretch of the park. Apart from the uniformed plant boxes, you could see a planetarium, several fountains, an animal-kingdom-themed playground, an amphitheatre and the Chinese and Japanese gardens.

PictureA lovely daffodil vendor at Zelný Trh | Photo by Andressa Niña V. Flores
By: Andressa Niña V. Flores

At 18, I knew very well that I was ready enough to break free from the comforts of my home, travel to the other side of the world, and for some time, live alone while doing something worth my while – and that is exactly what I did last summer.

With nothing more than pure excitement and a spirit for adventure, I flew out of Manila on the 22nd of March to undertake a cultural education exchange program in the Czech Republic.

Having travelled a number of times in the past with my family, I thought I’ve had enough training to face whatever comes my way during my trip and sojourn. But I was wrong.  


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