With the fast-paced technology, getting in touch with our loved ones has become a lot easier.| Photo courtesy of Google Images
By Louise Maureen Simeon

Name it and you can have it!

With the technology reaching its peak, increased popularity of smartphones and the diverse interest of the people come the emergence of various applications. Whether you're curious about tomorrow's weather, interested in national issues, love editing photos or just bored and want some perking up, there is an app suited for you.

And with more and more people wanting to get connected with their family, friends and loved ones almost every minute, apps such as Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk and Viber have been very famous and useful. Here are some information about the well-known apps worldwide.

Miley Cyrus' performance gave birth to the newly-added word "twerking".|Photo courtesy of Esquire
By Louise Maureen Simeon

Srsly, you took a selfie while you're twerking in a bar because you have a FOMO?

The words may sound colloquial and informal but "srsly", "selfie", "twerk" and "FOMO" are among the hundreds of newly added terms in the Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO), 
wherein most of the words emanated from the fast-paced technology and the predominant global trends.

Over 1.8 billion new words are discovered annually but only thousands are included in existing vocabularies. Moreover, such new words are added to stay up-to-date in the contemporary language.

The Samsing Galaxy S3 (left) and the Apple iPhone 5 (left) in their unending rivalry for the world smartphone stage.| Photo courtesy of iClarified.com
By Charry Fatima Garcia

Achilles and Hector couldn’t get enough of their fight. Now, they have decided to put their feud on a different level, taking the names of the world’s two biggest smartphone makers – Samsung and Apple – fighting over their products’ own identities, having conquered digital world news in the past years. 

The feud between these two smartphone giants started in 2011, when Apple sued its rival for infringement on intellectual property. The company behind the Galaxy series allegedly copied the user interface and style of Apple’s iPhone 3GS. Samsung denied the accusation and counter-sued Apple, saying that the latter had submitted misleading pieces of evidence to the court.

And the rest is history. Their court wars thus, start. But, with the onset of smartphones and tablets produced by these two companies, some having almost the same features, which is really the better one?

Jorge Bergoglio, commonly known as Pope Francis, waves at some Christian devotees.| Photo courtesy of Google Images
By Anne Kathleen Vicho

It was an ordinary day for Michele Ferri when his telephone rang and the voice of the Pope greeted him. "Ciao Michele, it's Pope Francis," the Pope said when Ferri picked up. "He told me he had cried when he read the letter I had written him," Ferri added. Italian Ferri wrote to the Pope after his brother was murdered in a gas station robbery earlier in June.

Pope Francis has started picking up the telephone receiver last August and calling distressed believers who wrote him letters in hopes of “healing their wounds”. Last September, he called another Italian woman to console her when he read her letter saying that she was pregnant, but her boyfriend revealed that he is married and asked her to abort the baby.

The Pope is healing wounds – wounds of the world – that can only be fully healed by healing the small scratches of individuals. The Pope expressed grave concern about the Church being too focused on issues such as same-sex marriage, contraceptives and abortion forgetting the more important issues the world is facing today – unemployment and loneliness.

Megan Young is all smiles after she was crowned Miss World 2013 | Photo courtesy of AP Photo
By Charry Fatima D. Garcia

Amidst controversies and petitions for her disqualification, ABS-CBN’s sweetheart, Megan Young, stood firm and was hailed as Miss World 2013 on September 28 in Bali, Indonesia.

Young bested 127 candidates from all over the world, being the first Filipina to take home the Miss World title.

In the pageant’s question and answer portion, the candidates were given 30 seconds to answer the judges’ question. Young stood out when she said, “I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do. I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other. ... as one, we can help society.”

The prototype of the curved smartphone to be introduced by Samsung in October.| Photo courtesy of The Verge
By Charry Fatima D. Garcia

Samsung, the world’s leading smartphone producer, has planned to introduce in October its new line of phones, having a new design that will change the face of the gadget for the next years.

The South-Korea-based electronics firm has reached a long way- from a phablet(phone and tablet), to a phone with built-in projector, until a 2-in-1 camera phone – and decided to venture on a new way to present its smartphones, working out the straight lines, giving them a curved body.

“We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October,” said Samsung’s Strategic Marketing Head D.J. Lee in the event launching of the Galaxy Note 3 on Wednesday.

Saab Magalona of Spell Saab kicks the start of the BlogCon: Reinvent your Theme.| Photo by Erika Dino for Streamline News
By Ma. Joan Paula Dino

Bloggers and blog enthusiasts from different schools all over the metro gathered together last September 21 at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium of the University of Santo Tomas for the BlogCon: Reinvent your Theme.

The conference, organized by TomasinoWeb, the official online student publication of the University, aimed to help and inspire bloggers through renowned people in the different genres of blogging.

Kicking the event was Isabella “Saab” Magalona, a famous actress and blogger of Spell Saab.

"You have to think of your mission whenever you blog," Magalona told the audience in her keynote address about “Finding Your Purpose to Blog”. 

Sen. Tito Sotto passes the 14-month pay bill to the Senate.| Photo courtesy of Filamnation.com
By Christine Fel Viernes

Enrique Aguillon, who works as a collector in Unilever, has been receiving his 13th-month pay every 15th of December since his promotion five years ago. Although he’d been getting his extra pay, it is still hard to budget expenses especially now that he has two children going to college and one who’s in high school.

When he learned of the bill filed in the Senate by Senator Vicente Sotto III, he expressed hope in its passage because the 10 pesos wage increase is not enough.

“Kahit sino naman positive ang iniisip. Malaking tulong yun lalo na sa katulad naming kapos pa. Maganda yung layunin,” he said.

The "passports" given out to the delegates of the GYS 2013.| Photo by Charry Garcia
by Anne Kathleen Vicho

Thousands of students, foreign and local, who came from all parts of the Philippines, gathered in the Skydome at SM North EDSA in Quezon City last Saturday for a once-a-year opportunity for the youth to be a part of the conference that tackled today’s problems with hopes of finding solutions for the future.

With this year’s theme, “Breaking the Box”, the 3rd Global Youth Summit organized by AIESEC Philippines aimed to introduce a mindset that seeks diversity and challenges the norm as a step for the youth to become effective and responsible leaders.

By Louise Maureen Simeon

It is not enough.

Kristelle Triñanes, a saleslady earning P456 a day, doesn't know how her daily budget will suffice her family’s everyday expenditures. To apportion their income and make it adequate for their family's daily expenses is the major problem of minimum wage earners like Triñanes.

Last September 5, Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz announced the P10 increase in the minimum wage of Metro Manila workers in line with the decision of the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board of the National Capital Region (RTWPB-NCR).


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